Super Sale

We need more room for all the new merchandise–so we’re offering you a sweet coupon deal! It’s going to be a rainy weekend, so come shopping, check out the new stuff, and take advantage of a great deal on the old stuff!

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Ariat Clothing Day!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Ariat Clothing Day!

Can’t wait for Ariat Day in November? Then you’re sure to love this! Our Ariat Clothing rep, Doris, will be here Saturday, February 26, to show you all the new clothes coming from Ariat. You even get a free gift, just for trying on them on!

Plus, save 10% on all in-stock Ariat Denim and new Heritage style breeches!

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We’re upacking Gersemi!

Gersemi is here with great new colors will make you THINK SPRING! And you’ll love the technical fabrics that keep you cool and comfy!

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Ariat Denim is here!!

We’re loving these new jeans from Ariat! Details to rival your favorite designer jeans, with three different styles, two rises, three inseams lengths, and waists in every size from 25 to 34. Stop in Saturday and get a free gift just for trying them on, and 10% off when you decide you have to have them!

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New This Week…

Lots of new things rolling in for spring! We’ve got new Joules clothes for ladies and girls. The new AYR8 in midnight blue arrived, along with some Sergio Grasso boots. If you’re looking for other boots, the new Mountain Horse Victoria dressage boots is here, and so are Grand Prix paddock boots. Ariat and Tailored Sportsman both delivered new belts this morning. We also unpacked a rainbow of Essex Coolmax show shirts (with tab collars!) A whole barnful of Breyer’s galloped in too. And if you need something sweet for your sweet, ClintRMints made some adorable Valentine’s horse treats, complete with candy hearts!

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We’ve got pads!!

Lots and lots and lots of them in every color imagineable. And just in time for our Embroidery Event this weekend!

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Meet Syd!

Sporthorse Saddlery is proud to announce our sponsorship of
Sydney Collier!
Syd is an ambitious young rider from Ann Arbor who must juggle the difficulties of riding and showing while also dealing with a rare disorder. When she was seven, Syd was diagnosed with Wyburn-Mason syndrome, a disorder that causes malformations similar to vascular tumors in her brain and limits her vision and ability to use her left side. Classified as a para-equestrian, Syd is working hard to compete internationally in para-dressage. We are thrilled to help such a special rider work for her special goals. Read more about what Syd is doing and see how you can help at

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Trade Show Wrap Up

Hope you enjoyed our tradeshow photo tour—we had fun with the pictures (well, I did. Anna wasn’t so wild that I kept making her pose). We saw lots of fun stuff, and we’re excited about the new choices we’ll be able to offer this year. One thing wasn’t so much fun, though—just about every one of our vendors is announcing price increases. Their costs have increased significantly in recent months, and they have no choice but to adjust their pricing accordingly. There are multiple issues behind the increases…one of the biggest is crazy increases in prices of all fabrics. The price of cotton, in particular, has skyrocketed worldwide…think about every saddle pad or clothing item that uses cotton. Also, sheepskin for halfpads now costs more because of the competition from all the Ugg boots (and knockoffs)? We were able to make one last order at old prices from several vendors, and we’ll hold the existing pricing as long as we can, but just about all of the price changes will be in effect in March (timed so they will be reflected in the new Dover catalog). We’ll continue our “Big Purchases, Big Savings” coupons to help ease the pain…and you can always use the “No Frills” option for instant savings.

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New Romfh Colors!

Dove and Dark Pearl

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Dancing in the Rain?

What do you think of Mountain Horse’s new wet look?

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